Window Locks for Awning Windows

Australia’s leading supplier of window locks, Remsafe, offers a range of products that are keyed alike, easy to install and compliant to NSW window safety legislation.

Cable Lock - Remsafe product range | Remsafe Window Locks

Cable Lock

The world’s smallest cable restrictor, the Remsafe Cable Lock can be installed on all window types and materials.

Retractable Cable Lock Metrolite

The only cable lock with a retractable cable. The quick-draw cable extension and retraction prevents the cable interfering with window furnishings or hanging loosely from the window frame.

Window Winder - Remsafe product range | Remsafe Window Locks

Window Winder

An innovative winder with the restrictor mechanism on the upper surface of the winder body to alternate easily between a restricted and unrestricted opening distance.

Mini Window and Door Bolt

Mini Window and Door Bolt with bonus extended bolt for larger windows and doors.