Why the Window Winder window lock is an innovative solution?

If you’ve got an awning window, the Cable Lock could be used as a window safety solution. Alternatively, a window winder could provide the ideal and innovative answer to your problem.

What is a Window Winder?

A window winder is a window lock that uses a mechanism to wind out a chain in order to open and close awning windows as well as protect children from falls from windows.

What Window Winders are available?

There are a range of window winders available on the market that can provide a simple solution to safety with regards to awning windows. However, not all are compliant to the window safety legislation or have the flexibility to be restricted and unrestricted as and when the resident sees fit.

How is the Remsafe Window Winder innovative?

Unlike other window winders on the market, the Remsafe Window Winder is the only winder with a convenient, key-operated restrictor mechanism on the upper surface of the winder body. Unlike other winders that are permanently restricted on the base plate, this unique feature allows a resident to alternate quickly and easily between the restricted distance and the fully opened distance.

See our winder in action:

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