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5 tips for better window safety in the home

Fly screens don’t stop falls

while a fly screen may look and seem secure, it’s not enough to protect a child from falling out of a window. Appropriate locking devices are required in addition to fly screens.

Limit access to windows

Where possible, keep furniture, bedding and objects that may aid climbing away from windows when children are present.

Falls happen from private residences too

The percentage of children presenting at hospital as a result of window falls from private residences and homes is equal to those presenting as a result of falls from apartment buildings. Owner-residents, landlords an tenants that are not in strata buildings are strongly advised to install window safety devices on windows that pose the risk of falls.

Landlords need to comply

If you rent, you must get written permission from your landlord before you drill. However, landlords cannot refuse permission unless they have a very good reason.

Educate children

Teach children window safety and awareness. Advise against climbing up windows or leaning against window glass and fly screens.

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