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5 tips for keeping your child safe in the home

Did you know? In Australia, a child is admitted to hospital with serious or life-threatening injuries because of a fall from windows and balconies nearly every week.

We’re passionate about child safety and reducing the number of preventable injuries suffered by children. As a result, we’ve put together these top tips for keeping your child safe in the home.

1. Stairs

Make sure you install gates at the top and bottom of staircases to prevent falls. Additionally, think about any doors that might directly lead to a staircase and use doorknob covers.

Actively, help your child when walking up and down staircases as well as using lower hand rails so they can reach.

2. Balconies

Similarly, to stairs, use gates or doorknob covers to block off access to these areas and don’t let your child play unattended on balconies.

Keeping your child safe | Remsafe Window Locks

3. Beds

We all move around in our sleep and kids are no different so ensure that you have safety rails installed on beds for children, so they can’t fall out.

4. Nightlights

Children might wake up in the night because of a bad dream or need the toilet. By using nightlights in their bedroom and hallways will risk the chance of falls during the night. Also, keep hallways clear of any clutter or trip hazards.

5. Window Locks

Children are inquisitive by nature and will want to climb up to look out of a window. Firstly, make sure no furniture makes getting to windows accessible. Secondly, make sure every window has a lock on it that restricts the opening distance to 12.5cm.

By 13th March 2018, all windows in NSW above the ground floor will be required to have a window lock on it that restricts the opening distance to 12.5cm.

Not sure, where to start? We provide a safety solution for every window. No matter what window type you have, we have a product to suit your needs.

Here’s a video guide on how to use our Window Winder

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