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Find the right Remsafe lock for you.

Remsafe offers a range of products to suit various needs and window types.



  • The original sliding aluminium window lock
  • Quick and easy to install
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Venlock Mini

  • Small, strong and easy to use
  • Adjustable backplate allows the Venlock Mini to fit window sills ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm thick
  • Will fit original Venlock hole for direct replacement
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Cable Lock

  • Smallest cable restrictor available
  • Fits all window types and materials
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Retractable Metrolite Cable Lock

  • Australia’s first DIY retractable cable lock
  • Cable does not interfere with window furnishings or hang loosely from the window
  • Retractable cable allows for smooth and fast quick-draw extension and retraction
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Window Winder

  • Rust resistant stainless steel chain
  • Folding handle
  • Use key to alternate between deadlocked closed, restricted and unrestricted open
  • Plastic baseplate to reduce corrosion
  • Same footprint as most existing window winders for easy retrofit
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Patio Bolt

  • High security bolt for sliding or hinged doors
  • Reversible bolt for left and right-handed installation
  • Can be used to secure a door closed or in the restricted position (sliding doors)
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Mini Window and Door Bolt

  • High security bolt for sliding or hinged windows
  • Reversible bolt for left and right handed installation
  • Can be bolted in the closed or restricted safety position on sliding windows and doors
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Stop Lock

  • Permanent restriction option for sliding aluminium windows
  • Easy 60 second DIY installation
  • Permanent screw cap provided for a simple solution to restrict windows that open onto pools or where permanent restriction may be required*
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Multi Bolt

  • A multi-purpose locking solution that is compact and strong
  • Ideal for restricted ventilation and added security
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Sash Lock

  • Key lockable
  • Sloped swivel action to guide window into closed position
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Block Lock

  • Best suited for sliding windows with limited window sill
  • Reversible stop bracket allows user to alternate easily between restricted and unrestricted opening positions
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Mini Push Lock

  • Small and very secure
  • Push to lock, key to unlock
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  • Traditional window safety device for sliding aluminium windows
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Track Lock

  • Discreetly installed into top track of sliding windows
  • Slimline design suits windows with narrow tracks or minimal sill
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Permanent Window Stopper

  • Sits easily inside the window track of sliding windows to permanently limit opening distance
  • Suitable as an anti-lift device
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