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Find the right Remsafe lock for you.

Remsafe offers a range of products to suit various needs and window types.


Stop Lock

The Stop Lock is the perfect window safety solution for sliding aluminium windows that require permanent restriction. Simply insert the Permanent Screw Cap over the fixing screw. Once inserted it cannot be removed providing a simple solution for restricting windows that open onto pools* or where a permanent fixing is required.
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Venlock Mini

The new Venlock Mini window restrictor for sliding aluminium windows is smaller and stronger than ever before. The adjustable backplate allows the Venlock Mini to fit to window sills ranging from 2 mm to 8 mm thick. The Venlock Mini will fit the original Venlock hole for direct replacement ensuring it is still easier and quicker to install than any other window restrictor on the market.
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Retractable Metrolite Cable Lock

The world's first retractable cable lock. Provides safety and versatility without the cable interfering with window furnishings or hanging loosely from the window. The retractable cable allows for smooth and fast quick-draw extension and retraction.
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Mini Window and Door Bolt

Remsafe Mini Window and Door Bolt lock with bonus extended bolt for larger windows and doors.
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Window Winder

An innovative winder with the restrictor mechanism on the upper surface of the winder body to alternate easily between a restricted and unrestricted opening distance.
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Cable Lock

The world’s smallest cable restrictor, the Remsafe Cable Lock can be installed on all window types and materials.
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Multi Bolt

A multi-purpose locking solution that is compact and strong, and ideal for restricted ventilation and added security.
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Block Lock

Ideal window safety restrictor for sliding windows with reversible stop bracket. Best suited for sliding windows with limited window sill.
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Track Lock

The Track Lock is a discreet solution to window safety that is suitable for sliding aluminium and double hung window types.
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The Remsafe LyLock is the traditional window safety device for sliding aluminium windows.
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Permanent Window Stopper

The Remsafe Window Stopper sits easily inside the window track to permanently limit the window opening distance.
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