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How to buy window locks

Remsafe’s range of window locks can be purchased directly or via our network of trusted local and international distributors.

Select the option that best suits you for specific information on how to buy window locks:



We sell directly to locksmiths, maintenance professionals, builders, glass companies, installers and other tradespeople. Our locks are reliable, quick and easy to install, and available at a great trade price.

Contact us to make an order or request on-the-job support.

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Commercial Sector

Remsafe window locks can increase window safety across the commercial, educational, health and leisure sectors. We sell to the commercial sector via our network of distributors

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Strata Community

New legislation requires all owners corporations in NSW to install window safety devices on all applicable windows before 13 March 2018. We sell locking solutions and provide recommended installation services to the strata community

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Interested in joining our international network of distributors?

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Direct to Public

Remsafe window locks are available in Bunnings stores Australia wide or online through our reliable distributors or at

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International Distributors

We currently have distributors in US, Singapore, Canada, Middle East.

Please get in touch with our team in Aus and we will help get you the products you need.

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More questions?

We’re here to help with any further questions you have.