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Compliance Testing

Window Lock Installation

Kids Can’t Fly – unrestricted open windows present a very serious risk of falls from heights, especially to children. And while nothing can replace the role of adults supervising little ones around open windows, Remsafe Window Locks can help safely restrict the opening distance of your windows to reduce the likelihood of accidental falls from heights.

Legislation in Australia requires that window safety locks be installed in some residential buildings. But accidents can happen anywhere – at home, work, schools, aged-care homes, holiday homes. Whether your particular circumstances are covered by the legislation or not, window safety locks are a perfectly simple way to help keep residents safe where there is the possibility of injury through open windows.

Our locks can be a DIY project or installed by a qualified tradesman.

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Window Lock Maintenance and Compliance Testing

Remsafe window locks are strong enough to withstand some serious force but a little bit of TLC goes a long way.

With time, window locks may become damaged by water, rust or corrosion, screws may loosen or the lock may be removed entirely from the window. In order to ensure ongoing safety and regulatory requirements are met we highly recommend regular maintenance and compliance checks.

For residents of NSW, strata legislation mandating the installation of window safety locks is currently under review by the state government. In addition to window safety locks being listed on the Tenancy Checklist to be supplied for each new tenant, it has been recommended that regular maintenance of window safety locks be the responsibility of each strata scheme.

For residents everywhere, regular maintenance of window locks helps promote window safety, reduce landlord liability, and maintain the working life of the product for longer.

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