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No children? Why do I need window locks?

Around the topic of window locks and window safety, there is often the sentiment ‘I don’t have children or ever have children at my home, why do I need window locks?’

While we actively support the safety of children, we do appreciate that for those who don’t have children or rarely have children visit their home restricting a window to 12.5cm is of less importance. Consequently, we’ve compiled the reasons why you need window locks and how our products can be a benefit to you.

No kids - why window locks | Remsafe Window Locks


The main factor behind needing window locks in your home is legislation. Back in 2013, it was made law that all owners’ corporations in NSW must install window safety devices on all applicable windows before 13 March 2018. If you do not comply, a penalty will be incurred.

What windows require a lock?

Any window where the internal floor beneath an openable window is 2m or more above the outside surface beneath; and the lowest level of the window is less than 1.7m above the internal floor.

You can still open your windows fully

A major concern for opposing window locks is the notion that a window will have to remain restricted at 12.5cm or permanently restricted at this distance. Although this is the safest option, we appreciate that at times you may wish to open a window to its full extent. Our products are all equipped with a child resistant release mechanism, which allows the window to be opened to its full extent if required.

Window types

Our extensive range of window locks are keyed alike, so you’ll only ever need one key to fit a wide range of window types. Explore our range of products and the window types they fit and if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.