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Why should you install window locks?

Sometimes you might hear from friends, family or even companies that you need this in your life or you should get that amazing product, but you might think why do I need it? Perhaps you’ve had that experience with window locks and didn’t know why you needed them. Well that is about to change as we’ve put together a guide for why you need to install window locks in your home.

Keep your family safe

Window locks serve no greater purpose than to provide safety within your home, particularly for young children. It is something that could easily be overlooked but why take that risk when the solution is so simple?

Child Safety Window Locks | Remsafe Window Locks

Children are inquisitive and will want to look out of windows or open them when they’re hot. Removing furniture away from near windows and other safety tips will help but window locks will complete the job that restricts the window to 12.5cm whilst also providing ventilation.

You might think it seems excessive but unfortunately falls do happen and with tragic consequences:

8-year-old girl dies after fall from high-rise window

And its not just children

Kiwi Toni Kelly died in fall from window ‘while taking a selfie’

Did you know? In Australia, a child is admitted to hospital with serious or life-threatening injuries as a result of a fall from windows and balconies nearly every week. With more and more people living and working in high-rise dwellings, it’s vital that we embrace safety measures to keep children as safe as possible.


We believe that you should have window locks in your home as it’s not worth the risk. In NSW, the government agreed and introduced legislation in 2013 that requires all owners corporations must install window safety devices on all applicable windows before 13 March 2018. Read more on what this means for you in the run up to this deadline.

Our window locks

If you’d like to make your home safer and install window locks, we can provide you with a safety solution for every window. Take a look through each window type to find window locks that are right for your home or get in touch with our friendly team if you need any help.